About the PAX Community

PAX (Pilgrims After Christ) was formed in 1969 as a lay-led Intentional Eucharistic Community (IEC) in the Roman Catholic tradition, united around planning and celebrating the Sunday liturgy. PAX welcomes those who share a commitment to better express and celebrate Gospel values in their daily lives.

Member participation in planning and celebrating the weekly liturgy promotes vigorous faith and a caring, sharing community eager to discover how it can live out its commitment to Christian values in today's world. Celebrating together inspires support for the needs of our members and our neighbors.

Our liturgy presiders come from a network of Roman Catholic priests active in the D.C. area serving various institutions. The weekly presider meets with the lay planners for each liturgy to explore the meaning of the readings in their daily lives. Together they plan how to express their insights in a meaningful liturgy through theme, message, staging, setting, visuals, music, dance, meditations, homily, dialogue, etc. The group takes responsibility for implementing the Mass as planned. The PAX community supports the use of inclusive language in the liturgy.

This inclusivity means we are LGBT friendly and extends through active participation in service to others. PAX members are active in local and global projects that feed the hungry, house the homeless, assist refugees, shelter battered women, support missionary activities, and address systemic social injustices.

PAX provides religious education programs for both adults and children. We welcome families interested in having their children participate in the sacraments, including first communion, reconciliation (confession), and confirmation. PAX hosts an atrium for young children (age 3 – 12) to participate weekly in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.

Most importantly, PAX provides a caring environment where members are more than just a name; we become an extended family.